Educational Tutor

Company Name:
Collaborating for Kids
Currently accepting applications for Educational Tutor's for a new tutoring program being developed.
Educational Requirement: Bachelor's degree or at least 60 hours of post-secondary credit hours in
, social work, psychology or a related field.
Expectations include developing an educational plan that includes:
Input from the child, caregiver and the educator
Reflect underlying needs and goals
Be tailored to the child's strengths, weaknesses, needs, available resources and unique circumstances
Build on realistic possibilities and options
Identify strategies for lessening the effect of any disabilities and/or impairments in cognitive functioning
Promote reading and math achievement at a level consistent with state education standards
Be consistent with the child's IEP if one is present
Support and/or build upon what the child is learning through their primary education program
Tutoring may occur in the student's home or in an office setting and may include team meetings.

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